Technology platform

The R & D building has been put into use, and built a set of high-precision equipment machining workshop, physical and chemical laboratory, R & D laboratory, biological laboratory, virus laboratory and other domestic first-class R & D laboratory. The production building has a complete GMP workshop of interventional heart valve and heart occluder, which can meet the needs of large-scale production, and ensure the quality and safety of products through strict quality control system.

In the production process, the use of advanced nickel-titanium alloy wire braiding technology, pipe laser cutting equipment, heat treatment equipment, sandblasting and electrochemical polishing and other links, the application of these technologies to improve the accuracy and quality of products. At the same time, it also has a comprehensive production process of decellularization, fixed crosslinking, cutting, sewing and sterilization of animal-derived materials.

A comprehensive proprietary technology platform has been successfully developed covering all aspects required for the development and production of atrial shunt, patent foramen ovale occluder, and transcatheter valve systems. The platform brings together the research and development strength of many disciplines to jointly promote the research and development of innovative medical device products to comprehensively cover the minimally invasive treatment field of heart failure and structural heart disease.