Vickor Medical won the first prize of "Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Competition"




On December 28, the third season of the "Hankou Bank Cup" Wuhan Science and Technology Innovation Competition, sponsored by Wuhan Municipal People's Government and undertaken by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Talent Group, supported by Hankou Bank, came to a successful end. With the theme of "Self-reliance and self-reliance to shoulder the mission, scientific and technological innovation to win the future", the competition aims to promote scientific and technological innovation, promote the landing of achievements and transformation, and help Wuhan's economic and industrial high-quality development.



This season attracted about 200 people from relevant government departments, scientific research institutions, venture capital institutions, financial institutions and young entrepreneurs in Wuhan to participate in the competition, forming a total of 36 strong teams. The participating projects of these teams covered high-level projects in the three fields of green and low-carbon, large health and biotechnology, and advanced materials, fully demonstrating the strength and achievements of Wuhan in scientific and technological innovation.



After fierce competition, Vickor Medical's "Transcatheter aortic valve replacement system" project stood out and won the first prize with a bonus of 300,000 yuan. Accepting the award, General Manager Ms. Xueli Wang said, "We are thrilled to be recognized by so many experts and peers. The prize money will all be used for research and development to better serve heart patients."



The competition not only provided a platform for the participating teams to show themselves, exchange and cooperation, but also injected new vitality into the cause of science and technology innovation in Wuhan. We firmly believe that through such a competition, more innovation inspiration and entrepreneurial passion will be inspired, and we also wish Vickor Medical to achieve excellent results in the final and win the final million prize, which will inject stronger impetus into the technological innovation process of Wuhan and even the whole country!



 DOCS VALVE®Transcatheter aortic valve replacement system


DOCS VALVE® Transcranial aortic valve replacement system is an artificial valve with independent intellectual property rights. It was designed by a team of structural cardiologists and developed in close cooperation with medical professionals. Its core clinical value lies in breaking the contraindicated application of large valve ring and simple regurgitation, and meeting the dual indication needs of stenosis and regurgitation. In addition, DOCS VALVE® uses an innovative coaxial adjustment strategy for the aortic root, making the procedure safer and simpler without rapid pacing, general anesthetic sedation, and the risk of circulatory collapse.

Since the first FIM trial of the DOCS VALVE® Transcatheter aortic valve replacement system was completed in July 2023, the first batch of patients have achieved the expected postoperative follow-up results and significantly improved their quality of life. The clinical results fully demonstrate the great potential of DOCS VALVE® in the field of aortic valve therapy.