D-shant® atrial shunt won the 2023 Hubei Province Top Ten Medical and Industrial cross-Innovation Award



On December 19, Hubei Province Medical Industry Cross-Innovation Conference and the first Medical device Scientific and Technological Achievements Exhibition Fair were successfully held in Wuhan East Lake International Convention Center. The event was hosted by Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and hosted by Hubei Technology Exchange and Hubei Industrial Innovation and Breeding Center. The theme of the conference is: medical and industrial cross-innovation territory "signal tower", technical capital and talent integration "high-speed belt". Mr. Shao Xinyu, Standing Committee member and Executive Vice Governor of Hubei Provincial Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 100 people from relevant departments of Hubei Province, universities, research institutes, key hospitals, key enterprises, investment and financing institutions, technology transfer institutions, academicians, experts and scholars attended the ceremony.



At the meeting, the top ten medical and industrial cross-innovation achievements in Hubei Province in 2023 were released. These achievements are application-oriented and jointly selected by experts from the industry, academia and science and technology management departments. They have the characteristics of independent innovation, high technical content, wide application prospects and strong market potential. Among them, Vickor Medical's "atrial septal perforation atrial shunt", as one of the top ten medical and industrial cross-innovation achievements, has been widely concerned.



Vickor  D-shant® atrial shunt is an implanted atrial shunt product with independent intellectual property rights in China, derived from the medical practice insight and exploration of first-line clinical experts. After rigorous clinical trials, D-shant® atrial shunt has shown a significant therapeutic effect, effectively improving the hemodynamics of patients with heart failure, controlling the progression of heart failure, and improving the cardiac function of patients. At present, the follow-up results show that the patient's prognosis is good, and the quality of life has been significantly improved. This innovative product provides a sharp tool for the treatment of heart failure, showing the strength and wisdom of Chinese doctors in medical technology innovation.


Winning this honor is an affirmation of the unremitting efforts and persistence of the VECO medical team, and it is also a clear proof of the huge potential of cross-innovation in the medical field. In the future, Vickor Medical will combine the advantages of its own clinical medicine and research and development technology, continue to explore and break through the technological boundaries, and provide patients with personalized and precise treatment options. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to the cutting-edge trends in the cross-field of medical industry, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the medical industry, and jointly promote the development of medical science and technology innovation.